Body painting (one on one coaching) 4 +1

 About body painting, many people will think of the street fashionable girl tattoo, embroidered roses on the arm, and the navel which posted a butterfly. In fact, this is totally difference! To put it simply, the body painting is meaning of the beautician uses the color to make various pattern drawings on the human body and limbs. The body painting is not the same with the artist, it is a carrier of dynamic and vitality of the human body, it 3D works of art.

Because of its form, material is rather special, this controversial art more worth to explore and to discover. In fact, nude painting, sculpture, body painting performance is the same as bodybuilding competition, they are an aesthetic art. However, there must be confirmed that the body painting should be consistent with a certain aesthetic norms. To show a comprehensive experience to the people. The body painting itself must be elevated to a higher level, to give pleasure to the aesthetic And surprises.

人体彩绘 (一对一教学)4+1

 有关人体彩 绘,许多人都会以为是我们在街头常看到的时髦女郎的文身,手臂上绣朵玫瑰,肚脐处贴一只蝴蝶。其实这完全是两回事!说得简单一点,人体彩绘是美容师运用色彩在人的身体、四肢上绘画出各种各样的图案。彩绘艺术跟画家不一样,它的载体是具动感和生命力的人的身体,它是立体的艺术品。   

因为它的形式、材料比较特殊,这种具有争议的艺术更值得去探讨和去发现。其实裸体绘画、雕塑、人体彩绘表演和体育界的健美比赛是一样的,都是一种正当的审美艺术。但是,有一点是必须肯定的,就是这种彩绘应符合某种审美规范,要给人和美的综合感受, 人体彩绘本身就必须要提升到一个更高的层次,要给审美带来愉悦和惊喜。




-各式筆刷用法(舌筆羽狀/斜筆葉子.聖誕紅/扇形筆康乃馨.180度技法) 模仿過後接下來就是要思考再畫圖,運用色彩與排列創造更多不同圖案變化


 Course content:

 - All kinds of line style arrangement

 - Effects of gradient and contrast colors

- all kinds of brush usage (tongue pencil / Xiebi leaves. Christmas red / fan pen carnations .180 degrees techniques) Imitate the next is to think and then draw, the use of color and arrangement to create more different patterns change

(Please bring your own tissues, small towels, empty cup 2)






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