In rapidly growing economy, individuals, businesses, social groups and even the government have the high expectations on image. Image packaging designer, branding company become a popular in the market, they are the so-called image consultants or image consultants. Their services also show the characteristics of the social division , personal fashion style; and even urban structure planning and design (architecture, environment, space modeling), image-building, and so forth.

Image consulting industry is a new professional, scientific and emerging industry which is found in the western countries and it is developing which is based on the concept of color and image and fully utilise with color technology application. Its very wide range of usages. Example, the people can enhance the image of taste, elegant commercial color design, generous environmental color design. Therefore, image consulting industry deserves a high social status and high income in the Western countries

形象顾问 (六个月)

 在经济高速发展的当今社会,不论个人,企业,社会团体甚至于政府对于形象的要求,都有越来越高的期望.于是一种以形象的包装设计,塑造品牌为职业的个人或企业应运而生,他们就是所谓的形象顾问或形象顾问公司.他们的服务也呈现社会分工的时代特征, 小到私人的服饰搭配,着衣风格;大到城市的规划设计(建筑,环境,空间造型),形象塑造,不一而足。

 形象咨询业是西方发达国家在拥有了先进的色彩与形象理念和 成熟的色彩应用技术基础上发展起来的专业化、科学化的新兴行业。其应用范围极为广泛:让普通人迅速提升形象品位、时尚而雅致的商业色彩设计、大手笔环境色彩设计。因此,在西方从事形象咨询业的形象顾问享有很高的社会地位和经济收入。



Course content

  1, the personal image consult, including face, facial features, body

  2, personal color diagnosis

  3, personal style diagnosis

  4, personal makeup and hair diagnosis

5, private closet finishing

  6, private escort shopping

  7, image guidance in ballroom, private event

  8, private image hosting services

















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