Special effects make-up (one on one coaching 4 +1)

Special effects make-up career in the film and television industry has a great demand. Many people who graduate from makeup training would join the crew. And most of their work is to paint special effects makeup for the actors. There are a lot of movies, in addition to the need for a large number of wound effects, a lot of ugly face special effects is always followed the story, for example: born scars, disfigurement, face scars is made by special effects make-up.

Halloween, a special effects make-up event, people will use their own special skills to make-up in horror and terrible look to meet this event. All parties together demons and ghosts, led special effects make-up career.

Special effects make-up division in the film and television drama market is gradually expanded. In the film and TV drama crew can always see them since they play an important role. Film and television industry, especially in overseas, the way out is very much. Of course, in the international market is also can not be underestimated! Not only learning effects makeup can work in makeup division, but it could be a teacher in the make-up school.

Course content:

High imitation body parts, shaping make-up, remote control dolls, animals and so on.

All kinds of bloody atmosphere effects are: burns, bruises, fractures, dredging, bleeding, spurting, etc .; shaping make-up, including human beast makeup, monster makeup, robots, etc.; age makeup is an age People make-up into another age group, such as the old become less, less aging and so on.

特效化妆 (一对一教学 4+1)

 特效化妆职业在影视业界中有着很大的需求。在化妆培训毕业的同学有很多进入了剧组,而他们大部分工作就是为演员们画特效妆。电影的各个小说改编的影视剧,除了需要大量的伤口特效外,很多丑陋的脸貌特效是一直跟随着剧情的,例如: 天生有疤,毁容,脸的伤疤就是特效化妆所制作的。





高仿身体部位、塑形化妆、遥控人偶 、动物等等。










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