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In today’s fast-developing society, individuals have increasingly high expectations for image requirements, resulting in the birth of more professions and businesses. The main job of the image consultant is to design for the client a personal look, hairstyle and make up based on skin color, and various characteristics, and then consider factors such as age, professional identity, figure, personality, environment, clothing colors, styles, tailoring, fabrics, patterns, jewelry, shoes and bags. To discover the potential beauty of the customers, image consultant have to also consider the occasions, locations, and the current fashion styles to build a harmonious image, enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses. Image consultation may also provide shopping advises and more.
在经济发展迅速的当今社会,无论是个人,企业,社会团体甚至是政府机构对于形象的要求,都有越来越高的期望,是一种以形象的包装设计,品牌的塑造为职业的个人或企业应运而生。 形象顾问的主要工作是根据客人自身的肤色色彩特征和风格特征,进行科学的分析和定位,再综合考虑年龄,职业身份,身材,性格,地域等等因素,分析出适合客人的发型,彩妆,服装用色,服装款式,服装剪裁,服装面料,服装图案,饰品运用,鞋子和包包的搭配。同时也会依据客人所会出席的场合和当季流行找出最佳搭配方式帮助客人建立和谐的形象,发掘客户身上潜在的美丽,扬长避短,打造人生中完美的第一张名片。形象咨询除了为客户做一系列咨询以外还会提供陪同购物,衣橱整理服务等等。
The industry recognised professional instructors at Backstage have been selected for their passion, dedication, outstanding technical skills and artistic flair in all areas. Instructors strive to infuse and train theoretical knowledge and practical skills and most importantly, instill desire, passion and eagerness in students, giving them the capabilities and confidence to create a successful career as professional makeup artisans and image consultants.


Backstage Academy’s high-energy and creative learning environment allows students to express themselves & molds them into unique individuals to establish a successful career in cosmetology. Beauty, a fundamental aspiration in all, gives men and women a stage to express their individual personalities.
Backstage Academy提供的高能量和创造力的学习环境使学生能够表达自我并将他们塑造成独特的个人,从而在美容学上建立成功的职业生涯。
Beauty is a piece of art, and it reflects the personality, spirit, passion and desire of the artist. Backstage believes all these emotional elements drive artisans to excel beyond themselves & create a new realm of beauty. Stepping away from the old school of thoughts, Backstage establishes an open & interactive curriculum and encourages students to identify with their unique individuality & style, dare to be different and at the same time, instills passion, desire and creativity in students.
美丽是一件艺术品,它反映了艺术家的个性,精神,热情和渴望。 Backstage相信所有这些情感因素都会促使艺术家超越自我,创造出新的美丽境界。 Backstage摆脱了旧的传统思想,相反的,建立了开放和互动的课程,并鼓励学生接受自己独特的个性和风格,敢于与众不同,同时又向学生灌输热情,渴望和创造力。


We hope our students can utilize the ability in their future working place. Therefore we make sure our teachers have the best experience and good attitude. Teachers always the successful key in the makeup industry, we believe only the best teachers are able to groom and develop the makeup skill and creative thinking ability of students. In BackStageAcademy, we are willing to invest money and effort in hiring quality teachers in order to improve student’s skill.
我们希望我们的学生可以在未来的工作场合中利用学院给予的能力。因此,我们确保我们的老师具有最佳的经验和良好的态度。教师始终是化妆行业成功的关键,我们相信只有最好的老师才能培养和发展学生的化妆技巧和创造思维能力。在Backstage Academy中,我们愿意投入金钱和精力来聘请高素质的老师,以提高学生的技能。
Backstage also allows students who are unable to complete the courses or are unable to attain industry-set results, to extend their course duration. This unique course feature instills in students the importance of determination and perseverance that is required in the beauty and fashion industry, and makes the ‘Backstage school of thought’ complete.

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