Professional Makeup Stylist + Taiwan Education (1 year)

  Overall professional makeup stylist is a visual arts make-up modeling. It is based on the natural appearance and the overall image of the person, by using the technique of artistic expression to make up for the defects of people's image, to add the beauty of nature, or make it into different styles and different artistic image. As a good professional makeup stylist must have a comprehensive technical strength and professional aesthetic vision, but also have a strong sense of thinking ability and creative design capability.

As a makeup stylist's responsibility is to beautify others, the most beautiful side of the show. Make-up artist with its fashion, high income, social demand, easy employment, respected or even worship the professional characteristics of fashion people, especially young people in hot pursuit, make-up artist has become the best fashion career choice!

专业化妆造型师 +台湾进修 1年)


 作为化妆造型师的责任就是美化他人,把人最美的一面展示出来。 化妆师以其时尚、收入高、社会需求量大、易就业、受人尊重甚至崇拜的职业特点受到时尚人士,尤其是年轻人的热烈追捧,化妆师已成为时尚人士最佳的职业选择!



 -化妆工作 (Freelance makeup artist)

-新娘化妆师 (Bridal makeup) -造型师 (Stylist)

 -讲师 (Lecturer)

-设立自己的化妆工作室 (Build your own makeup workshop)

 -形象顾问 (Image Consultant)

 -服装品牌形象顾问 (Image consultant in clothing brand)

 -电影电视行业造型师 (Stylist in movie or drama production industry)

-广告行业造型师 (Stylist in commercial industry)

 -舞台剧造型师 (Stylist in theatre industry)

 -艺人个人造型师/形象顾问 (Artist personal stylist or image consultant)

 -企业公司形象顾问 (Image consultant in enterprises)

 -化妆品牌顾问 (Consultant in cosmetic brand)

 Course detail :

  • Introduction
  • Basic skin care
  • Discussion on skin types and face shapes
  • Introduction to professional make-up tools and equipment
  • Eyebrow and facial feature compliment
  • Colour coordination
  • Eyebrow grooming and reshaping
  • Base types and application techniques
  • Contouring, shading and highlighting
  • Eyeshadow types and application techniques ( practice on paper)
  • Lip types and application techniques
  • Correction techniques
  • Camouflage make-up (birthmarks, blemishes, pimples and scars
  • Lashes types and fixing techniques
  • Cheek application technique
  1. Personal Lifestyle Make-up • Day make-up • Night make-up
  2. Bridal Make-up • Bridal day make-up • Bridal evening make-up
  3. Studio Photoshoot Make-up
  4. Stage Make-up
  5. Fantasy Make-up
  6. Tv Shooting or Advertisement Make-up
  7. Magazine Make-up
  8. Designing Avant Garde Look
  9. Show P lanning and coordination
  10. Career path training
  11. Handmade accessories
  12. Hairdo design
  13. Backstage Make-up Experience Sharing


  • 介绍
  • 基本皮肤护理
  • 皮肤类型和面部形状
  • 专业化妆工具和设备介绍
  • 眉毛和面部特征
  • 颜色协调
  • 眉毛修饰和整形
  • 基本类型和应用技术
  • 轮廓,阴影和高亮显示
  • 眼影类型和应用技术(在纸上练习)
  • 唇类型和应用技术
  • 校正技术
  • 伪装化妆品(胎记,瑕疵,粉刺和疤痕 •睫毛类型和固定技术 •面颊应用技术

 1.个人生活方式化妆 •日化妆 •夜间化妆

 2.新娘化妆 •新娘一天化妆 •新娘晚上化妆


















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